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Repair Service
The quality of a service can be judged only when it has been claimed. The basis of a customer-oriented service is the availability, since only after successfully making contact automatisms can be initiated. In order not to waste important time in an emergency or to get personal advice for your application, we are available Monday to Friday from 07.00 am to 07.00 pm by phone.
With a HF-Spindle of Zwanzig you choose not only the highest product quality, but also a simple, reliable and fast repair service. We are happy to do desired repairs with a 24h service, or we provide free rental spindles to meet today’s tight schedules and processes. For various HF-Spindles, we also offer an exchange service.
Destinctive team communication and slender structures ensure an immediate reaction to required special solutions for our customers.
They appreciate our extraordinary rapidity in adapting our products to any specific application. With Zwanzig always „Just in Time“!

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