HF-Spindles and periphery

HF-Spindles / HSC-Spindles …

…. are high performance milling motors for the HSC (High Speed ​​Cutting) HF Spindeln und Peripherieprocessing. They are used in all applications where it comes to the high-precision, machining, milling, drilling, engraving, grinding, dressing, deburring etc..

The application fields are portal milling machines, engraving machines, prototype Conductor boards machines, as driven tools in machine tools, robotics applications, special machine in production lines and more. Further important features are:

  • Robust and maintenance-free motor (AC or DC motors)
  • High speed up to 100,000 rpm
  • Highest concentricity
  • Maintenance free permanently lubricated ball bearings
  • Hybrid ceramic ball bearings for high precision and durability
  • Low-vibration operation by electronic fine balancing
  • Low running noise
  • Manual or pneumatic tool change

By their high speed and runout accuracy, HF spindles allow best possible results in any application.
They help to increase tool standing times as well as to reduce expenses for post-processing of the workpieces. You want to produce more profitable? We support you!

3D Euro symbol isolated on whiteConditions

The offered service of a HF spindle system should be comprehensibly proportional to the terms and conditions. We have made it our business to regularly and critically look at our production processes, to maybe question and refocus them. The result is an attractive price level, which you can check easly! Compare our prices! Ask for our offer!


Rapid Prototyping

The foundation stone of all this is personal experience, and if that might not be available, the knowlede of the experience of others! We  fall back upon experience from about 50 years in the HF spindle sector and their peripheral devices. We get our experience from our own insights and those of our business partners and suppliers. In addition, the „open“ ear for you as a customer is the basis of our products‘ success. Only who questions and knows his customers‘ key figures exactly is capable of configuring the matching spindle system.

Peripheral – of course everything out of one source!

With us you find the right equipment:
HF converters, system cabinetspindle holder, spindle cooler

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