System control cabinet FXK-3

As a professional alternative to the individual equipment components, we have developed the FXK-3. In one housing it combines the frequency converter HFU-3200 and a cooling compressor unit of the 43er series (K4305). Everything internally wired and ready for connection. Additionally, castors and the integrated control unit permit simple handling.

Technical Data

System cabinet FXK-3 consisting of: HF-Converter HFU-3200
Refrigeration compressor unit
Operating unit
Housing: 19“ Cabinet housing
Connectivity: 3 x 400 V / 16 A 50/60 Hz
Connector on the rear panel:
Spindle cable
Driving over CNC/SPS control
Dimensions BxHxT: Ca. 512 x 590 x 400 mm
Weight: Ca. 60 kg
Order  number: 6280-FXK3

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