The frequency converters on the following list have been especially developed for use in HSC applications and offer a maximum amount in safety, performance and reliability. By their universality they are both suitable to replace existing applications in older series of frequency converters, as to be used in planned cost applications. They help to extend service life of tools.

Important Key Data

  • Infinitely variable speed
  • Overload protection
  • Temperature sensor evaluation
  • Special curve for each type of spindle
  • Variety of remote control options
  • Comfortable parameter setting via Windows software
  • Table- or cabinet housing
  • High reliability
Typ Continuous power
(max.) in VA
150 Desktop housing
250 Desktop housing
250 Desktop- or cabinet housing
HFU-400-DC 400 Desktop- or cabinet housing
HFU-1500 1500 Desktop- or cabinet housing
HFU-3000 3000 Cabinet housing
HFU-3200 3200 Cabinet housing
HFU-5000 9700 Cabinet housing


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