HF-Spindle 8045-1

High frequency spindle for the HSC (High Speed ​​Cutting) – Editing.
HF spindle 8045-1High-speed grinding, drill, graving and milling etc.

Documents to download:

Spindle mass
Performance graph

Technical Data

Collets shank diameter: max. 10,0 mm
Collet type: ER16
Housing: Stainless steel
Housing diameter: 80 mm
Motor construction: Three-phase-asynchronous motor
Speed range: 2.000 – 42.000 rpm
Voltage V Maximum: 220
Current A Maximum: 10
Torque in Ncm: 96
Frequency range Hz: 167 – 1400
Performance kw Maximal:

S1: 1,4

Type and number of ball bearing: Hybrid steel / ceramic, permanently lubricated, 4 pcs
Run out inner taper mm: < 0,001
Tool change: Front clamping nut
Cooling: Liquid cooled
Weight: 7000 g
Order number: 8045/1


HF Converter
HF Converter 200

Spindle holder
Spindle holder-80mm

Spindle cooler
Spindle coolerK400

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