hfu-200-s hfu-200Spindles:


  • High performance in a compact design
  • The HFU-1500 allows rotation frequencies up to 1000Hz / 60.000Upm
  • A digital signal processor (DSP) is detecting all the operating parameters in real time and controls it in dependence on the load through a vector control function
  • Allows highest efficiency of the engines at low and high frequencies
  •  High reliability: All operating conditions such as acceleration, operation at rated speed, and deceleration are monitored and critical states are absorbed
  • Controlled braking of the motor / spindle even with emergency stop
  • Integrated braking resistor  
  • Transparency: The user is always informed about the current status of the converter and the spindle via LEDs on the front panel. Speed ​​with 3-digit LED display with load and LED bar
  • Control: The converter can be controlled manually by two front keys as needed
  • Individual adaptation to the respective application and attached spindle by freely programmable spindle curves. 16 Spindle characteristics can be created and stored
  • Diverse control and communication options
  • Simple and flexible integration into existing systems through open configuration of I / O signals for control and configuration
  • Galvanic isolation between all interfaces among each other and from the mains and motor potential
  • Short-circuit proof
  • Different housing variants are possible

Technical Data

Connectivity: 115 V/230, 50 Hz,1 PH
Performance: 1500 VA
Output voltage: 220 V
Output current: electronically limited
Overload: Duration adjustable max. 10s
Output frequency: 1.000 Hz / 60.000 Upm
Spindle curves:
max. 16, internally stored
Control inputs:
1 Analog: 0-10V, galvanically isolated
Control inouts:
1 Digital: 0-24V, galvanically isolated
Control outputs:
1 Analog: 0-10V, galvanically isolated
Control outputs: 5 Digital: via relais: 24VDC/250mA
Interface: RS232, 9600Bd
Housing: Desktop- and cabinet housing
Housing dimensions B x H x T:
240 x 90 x 266
Weight: ca. 4 kg
Protection: IP20
Operating temperature: 40°C
Warranty: 12 months full warranty
Scope of delivery: Converter cpl. mounted, power cable, user manual
Order number: 621500

Technical Drawing Desktop housing


Technical Drawing Cabinet Housing


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