HF Converter Combinations




As a ‘low-cost’ RF converter, we offer the HFU-150. This unit is only limitedly applicable for these types of spindles. The maximum achievable performance of the spindle with this converter is approx 100 W. For comparison, with the RF converter HFU-190 or HFU-200 you reach a maximum power of 200 W. Fundamentally, the performance of the HFU-150 is sufficient for all easier engraving and milling operations in both wood and aluminum.


  • High performance in compact design
    The HFU-150 allows rotational frequencies up to 833Hz / 50.000Upm
  • A digital signal processor (DSP) is catching all the operating parameters in real time and controls it in dependence on the load through a vector control function
  • High reliability: All operating conditions such as acceleration, operation at rated speed, and deceleration are monitored and critical states are absorbed
  • Control: The converter can be controlled manually by two front keys if needed
  • Short-circuit proof

Technical Data

Connectivity: 115V/230, 50Hz,1PH
Performance: 150 VA
Output voltage: 36 V
Output current: electronically limited
Overload: Duration adjustable max. 10s
Output frequency: 833Hz / 50.000 Upm
Control input: Start / Stop via potential-free NO contact
Housing: Desktop housing
Housing dimensions B x H x T:
200 x 120 x 105
Weight: ca. 2,5 kg
Degree of protection:
Operaation temperature: 40°C
Warranty: 24 months full warranty
Scope of delivery: Converter fully assembled, power cable, user manual
Order number:

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